2019 Recipient:

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We are very excited to announce the winner for our second annual Edward Chalom Scholarship competition! After reviewing five exemplary applications, it was very clear that each student demonstrated commendable effort in acquiring the French language and in deepening their intercultural awareness. Committee members deliberated between two very formidable students who clearly found passion and purpose in sharing the culture and language with others.

In the end, it was truly in considering Edward Chalom’s global-mindedness, keen pursuit of knowledge as well as his ability to connect and share with others that enabled us come to a final decision between the two final candidates.

Our winner is Anne Wisner of Winston Churchill High School in Livonia. It was evident while reading her essay and reviewing her application that she possesses excellent approaches to learning, a keen sense of integrity and global-mindedness along with a growth mindset. In addition, Anne uses the French language in creative and meaningful ways to connect with classmates, teachers and her greater school community.

Committee members were impressed by Anne’s ability to demonstrate evidence of the interdisciplinary benefits of studying French language and culture, along with her knowledge of la Francophonie across the globe and France’s role as a leader in Environmental Performance. In the future, she aspires to have a career which would combine her love for French and her passion for the environment. Finally this student maintains a high level of achievement while balancing a part-time job and leadership roles in Greenhouse Club and French week activities. She is a member of Société Honoraire de Français and according to her teachers, “an excellent, creative and detail-oriented student who is kind, respectful and encourages others.” Edward Chalom would be proud of Anne’s deep sense of purpose along with her sincere affinity for the French language and culture. Félicitations Anne Wisner!

2018 Recipient:

The 2018 recipeint of the Edward Chalom Scholarship was Mike Snider. Mike recently wrote to us to let us know how the scholarship helped him. Here are his words:

“As a recipient of the Alliance Française Edward Chalom Scholarship, my intention is to update you on the progress I have made in my post-high school academic French career. At American University, I earned a 4.0 in the French Intermediate class in which I tested into. The scholarship was added to the funding for my school supplies which were very important to my academic experience.

The French language was also extremely important to me during a week-long trip to Cap-Haitien, Haiti. I used French to aid a youth development program called Streethearts. Despite Creole being spoken by the citizens, French is the language of education in the country.

I am extremely proud of being awarded the scholarship and wear it on my sleeve whenever I am pressed about my academic success in high school.

I will strive to continue my academic success in French and hope to visit the Institute sometime this year. Thank you so much again.”


Michael Snider 2018 Recipient.