Our library is open to everyone, adults and children of all ages and to members of the AFD/FIM. To register to the library and to the Culturetheque, you must become a member of the Alliance Française French Institute of Michigan.To become a member : click here or call us at (248) 538-5440 for further information.

Book Collection


Come and immerse yourself in the French language with our extensive collection of books, comics and magazines. We have one of the largest French language collections in the area.

Terms of Use


The Culturethèque is your French e-library.

To access the Culturethèque, click here. The website automatically opens in French. Change the language to English by clicking on the French flag icon in the top right corner of the page.

Click on SUBSCRIBE and create your login ID, password and language preferences. When asked which library is yours, pick “Detroit (MI) – AFIF Michigan”. 

Your culturethèque subscription will be activated for one year beginning on the date of your membership payment receipt.