Movie screening “Un Drôle de Paroissien”

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About this event:

AFD/FIM 7100 Lindenmere Drive, 48301 Bloomfield Hills

Picture1PLOT: The financial situation of the aristocratic family Lachenaye is becoming dramatic. All they have left of their past prosperity is a tradition of idleness that their irresponsible son George seems to be very attached to. All the goods of the family are seized. George goes to church to ask what he should do next. Hearing the coins drop as offerings, George takes this as a divine sign and puts together an organized team who will weekly and in shifts sack the churches of the capital.

French black and white comedy  of 1h25 with Bourvil, Jean Poiret and Francis Blanche directed by Jean-Pierre Mocky in 1963.

The screening is in French (NO English subtitles). It will start at 7pm, before, enjoy some snacks, refreshments and social time.

Fee: $6 ($8 for non-members), snacks and refreshments served.

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