About Us


Over 30 years in Michigan

At AFD/FIM, we have been sharing our love for the French language and culture here in Michigan for over 30 years.

AFD/FIM Mission
To share passionately the French culture and language as an ongoing celebration that keeps the culture alive and promotes friendship among people of our communities.

AFD/FIM Vision
To live in a world redefined by embracing cultural diversity in a way that inspires, influences, provokes and changes the way we think and act.

The AFD/FIM is a non-profit 501(c)3, cultural and educational association and is, in the US, a Chapter of the Alliance Française.

A worldwide network

The Alliance Française is the world’s largest network of French language schools and cultural centers, with over 1000 independently run committees established in 130 countries teaching over 400,000 students.

The French Institute of Michigan is proud to be a part of the Federation des Alliances Françaises USA www.afusa.org.

In the US, the Délégation générale de l’Alliance Française www.alliance-us.org is the hub of the American Alliances Françaises, located in Washington, DC, and serving the entire network of Alliances Françaises.

In the world, the Fondation Alliance Française, a public utility based in France, www.fondation-alliancefr.org is the moral and legal reference of Alliances Françaises. When one Alliance is formed, it asks the Fondation to recognize it, through an approval of its statutes. When it wishes to expand, the Fondation advises it. When it needs to train its staff, the Fondation supports it.

For more than a century, an ever increasing number of students of all origins visit the Alliances Françaises. This continued patronage and vitality are mainly due to the ties woven with citizens and sponsors of host countries.