Movie Screening: Le Jour de Fête

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AFD / FIM 7100 Lindenmere Drive 48301 Bloomfield Hills

PLOT: French Classic: comedy, directed by Jacques Tati in 1949. Francois is a contented and happy postman in a small, unhurried French village. He is at ease with his job and leisurely performs his duties, peddling away upon his beloved bicycle and frequently interrupting his duties to converse with the locals. Things perk up when a traveling carnival arrives in town. One of the attractions at the carnival is a film depicting the United States Postal Service’s fast and efficient postal delivery system. Francois takes up the call, and attempts to Americanize his work style… The film was shot largely in the village of Sainte-Sévère-sur-Indre; many of the locals played the roles of extras.

Friday, March 25th at 6:30pm

Fee: $6 ($8 for non-members), snacks and refreshments served- buy tickets here

Black & white movie in French with ENGLISH SUBTITLES