Teaching material is not included but available for purchase at our office (on the first day of class).

Acting Classes – kids (From 7 to 14 years old) all levels

10 weeks
15 hours
Aurore - Tuesday05:00 pm - 06:30 pm9 January, 2018 - 20 March, 2018REGISTER

Bilingual elementaire 1&2 – 6-8 and 8-10 years old

10 weeks
15 hours
Anne - Thursday04:45 pm - 06:45 pm11 January, 2018 - 22 March, 2018REGISTER

This class is designed for  bilingual children who are literate both in French and in English. The focus of the lessons will be on reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension while reinforcing grammar and vocabulary skills. Children will be encouraged to participate actively in a themed project through interactive tasks and with updated pedagogical material. The classes are taught by a French teacher.

The class for 6-8 years will be at 4:45pm to 6:15pm

The class for 8-10 years will be at 5:15pm to 6:45pm